About Us

This page describes the history of DecorDogz Galore, as well as the associations and charities we are members of, or contribute to.


Portrait of Patty Gray & Rob Rivera.

In 2001 my Samoyed puppy came home from the groomers with a bandana tied on her neck as a decoration. I loved the idea and it looked cute, but I did not like that the bandana spun around her neck and had a big knot on it and you had to be careful how loose or tight you tied it. Also it was cut with pinking shears on one single layer of cotton print.

Being a seamstress I thought I am going to make one where her collar will slide through a sleeve and rides on her collar. This way it does not spin around and annoy the dog. Also making one would mean it would be 2 sided and sewn all around and could be washed and worn over and over again.

I knew making them would also let me pick the patterns. I could make her a Redskin, Christmas and a 4th of July one, as well as many others; I had so many options.

Two Samoyed dogs and their two owners

So for the past 10 years I made bandanas for my dogs, my kids dogs and a few friends dogs. In 2010 my boyfriend, Rob said you need to make these and sell them. I never thought they would be appealing to anyone else but my family. We had been scheduled to do a yard sale and we decided to make about 30 and see if they would sell. They did and from that point on we built our business.

Since then we've made our own patterns on newspaper and went from 3 sizes for dogs, to 5 sizes. All our bandanas are made of cotton and we made sure we could appeal to the 3 lb dog as well as the 200 lb dog. We had started with 50 designs and now we have almost 300. Our stock went from 500 to over 4000 in our second year.

Patty Gray & Rob Rivera at The Outer Banks in North Carolina.

Our first year we entered 32 craft shows on the weekends. Our booth consisted of 2 tables and a cash box, to now we have 15 two by six feet racks and lights and flooring and a cash register. Our second year we tripled our sales for the first 5 months of the year from the prior year. This is when we decided we now needed a website to make our business grow.

Kala and Mika

Our passion for these bandanas comes from our love of dogs. We love dogs and love to put smiles on our customers faces, when they find they can decorate their dog in a bandana with a pattern they've chosen and in a size that fits.

The thing that makes our bandanas the best is that they ride on the collar, where there is no tying on the neck of your dog.

In March of 2012 we lost Sammy Halley, our lovely Samoyed of 11 years and it devastated us. Knowing our passion for bandanas was the love of dogs, we rushed out and got a new baby Samoyed, Kala. One year later we wanted Kala to have a sister and we got another Samoyed, Mika. Hence, we now have two sammies that can sport our teams by wearing bandanas. My team the Redskins bandana and Rob's team the Dallas bandana

Now our family is complete again and we use Kala and Mika for the many bandanas modelling needs.

To this date we have sold to a cockatoo, a goat, a chinchilla and cats. We have even sold our product to handicap children for drool cloths and added snaps. So we find our bandanas have many purposes. We enjoy making these in our home and our dream is to one day open a store!

Memberships and Charities

Below is a list of the associations we are members of, or charities we contribute to.